Your Questions Answered

  • What do your animals eat?
E3 Certified cattle  are fed a customized and proprietary feed ration that is based on an Alfalfa and Corn diet to maximize the marbling and flavor of the beef.  These cattle are grass-fed and grain-finished to ensure the most consistent, great tasting steak you can find.
  • Why Angus Genetics?
Red or Black Angus cattle are known for marbling and great tasting meat.  The reason we use Angus genetics is to make the most consistent and best tasting product.   By controlling the genetics we are ensuring that you get our best quality every time you order from E3 Meat  Company.
  • How much do I pay in shipping and handling?

Shipping  and handling is based on your delivery location, linked to our carrier and calculated in the shopping cart when you order.  We do not markup these costs but rather pass along the shipping and handling we incur to deliver your order.

  • Can I pick my delivery date?
Yes, working around your busy schedules is what we are designed to do.  Whether this is for a one-time order or monthly subscription we make it as easy as possible to define when you want your product by giving you multiple options.
  • What does E3 mean?
Error on the First Baseman, which is in homage to the E3 family’s baseball history, and extends the brand of the E3 Ranch & Chophouse.
  • What happens if there is a problem with my product?

Contact us at and we will resolve any problems or replace your product immediately.  We are committed to excellence in our product and service to you.

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Thank you for your interest in E3 Meat Company’s hormone-, steroid- and antibiotic-free premium beef. Please share your comments and questions with us.