Our management and responsbility to the land, the cattle, and your family.

Look after your sheep and cattle as carefully as you can
Proverbs 27:23

E3 Certified

For the LaRoche sixth-generation family-owned E3 Ranch in Fort Scott, Kansas, it’s about what they refuse to do that produces the highest quality, most delectable Angus beef.

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Holistic Management

Here at E3 meat co. we practice what we preach and we prove it daily by eating the grass fed beef we raise in our “farm to table” approach. With holistic management, animals have more space to graze the land and spend less time being confined to a feed lot.

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At The Ranch

The LaRoche family was raised on 100% hormone-, steroid- and antibiotic-free beef from cattle that they watched grazing from their southeast Kansas home. What the LaRoches always knew was that they were blessed to have the best tasting, healthiest beef on their table.

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Partnering With Like-Minded Ranchers

The E3 meat co. business model is to partner with small family ranches. We love this country we live in and we are proud to be American. We are going to fight to help keep the American dream alive by supporting small family ranches.

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Responsibly Raised

Part of being a responsible rancher is to make sure that we are doing what is best for the earth. We see our land as part of God’s earth, ground that should be respected and treated with care. With this as our guiding principal, we have adapted an holistic management approach to grazing.

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E3 Chophouse

From range to restaurant, the all-natural beef served at the E3 Chophouse comes straight from the family-owned E3 Ranch, located in Fort Scott, Kansas. The ranch is owned by the LaRoche family, who prides itself on raising hormone, steroid and antibiotic-free E3 Black Angus cattle and is excited to bring its healthy beef to the locals and visitors of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

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