E3 Beef Jerky

E3 Meat Company’s Hormone-, Steroid- and Antibiotic-Free certified beef is now available in convenient 4oz. packages of Delicious and Paleo Approved Beef Jerky. Moist and Tender our No Soy and Gluten Free Handcrafted Jerky is a simple way to get the best of our beef. As always when we put our E3 Certified stamp of approval on any of our meat products, you can be assured your beef is all-natural, well above USDA standards. Read more about our E3 Certified standards here.

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  • E3 Spicy Paleo Beef Jerky


    ORDER YOUR JERKY TODAY! A whole new take on Jerky! Healthy and Delicious- our Paleo Beef Jerky is made from…

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Partnering with Like-Minded

E3 Meat Company certified family ranches lets us guarantee that our beef was raised humanely and is 100% hormone-, steroid- and antibiotic-free